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Director:  Amber Benson

Story: Megan Lee Joy & Jessica Sherif

Screenwriter:  David Greenman

Genre:  Dark Comedy/Fantasy/Action/Horror

Starring: Emme Rylan, Jessica Sherif, Megan Lee Joy, Eugene Byrd, Dove Meir & David Blue.


From Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Amber Benson comes this twisted, darkly comedic, genre-bending tale of revenge - a revenge of the worst kind - Shevenge! The film follows Sam, Taylor and Charley as they embark on a journey of revenge and empowerment. While at a killer slumber party, these three best friends drink wine, paint their nails, and pay back their crappy boyfriends. Follow their deepest fantasies as they seamlessly jump into their favorite genres of film & television. Bloody hilarious and awkwardly honest, Shevenge will leave you astonished, and fantasizing for more!


“We wanted something darker, funnier and richer for our ladies.” - Director, Amber Benson

Director's Statement

     The reasons I was drawn to direct Shevenge are manifold. I thought the script was well written and super funny, I loved that the majority of the people involved in the film were women––and, lastly, having primarily directed comedies, I was itching to try my hand at an action/horror-themed project.

            I am a fan of horror films and action movies––but it drives me up the wall that so few female directors have been able to really crack those genres. Directing Shevenge was like throwing the gauntlet down and forcing myself to take a risk. To try something I’d never done before and, succeed or fail, to challenge myself to grow as a woman and as a filmmaker.

  - Amber Benson


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