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Fright Fest 2015

Danni Glover, Mostly Film September 2015


Finally, a brief list of recommendations from my personal favourite strand of the festival; short films. Please, please, please seek out Alex Pachón’s You Will Fall Again, Abigail Blackmore’s Vintage Blood, Bryn Tilly’s Umbra, Mike Williamson’s Deathly and Amber Benson’s Shevenge. Short horror cinema is in an exciting place just now, with several shorts featuring on Channel 4’s new enterprise All4. It’s also where we see the emergent talent of the most interesting genre filmmakers (Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook started life as a short film, as did Turbo Kid and Banjo). You owe it to yourself to get into shorts at the end of the summer.


Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Burbank International Film Festival 2015 

Haren D Yong, Gornoblonde Blog September 2015


It’s easy to gravitate towards the women of the indie genre and Megan Lee Joy is deliciously wicked in “Shevenge” as the sexy Taylor who seeks revenge on her crappy boyfriend. “Shevenge” is the brainchild of Megan and kudos to her for concocting a tale of vengeance served with a darkly funny, feminine touch. Expect Megan to be the leading lady and creator of even more future projects that will not only titillate the senses but also be richly entertaining.

A Night Of Etheria: Amber Benson and the darkly delightful Shevenge

April Walsh, Legendary Women June 2015


Ms. Benson shares her love of film and a few life-altering philosophies. No big. :)

Last time, I shared Jane Espenson’s wise words to aspiring writers and now for an actual review — along with a fun and insightful interview with multi-hyphenate (actress-writer-director-producer) Amber Benson.


“I think that is the beauty of film. It’s that you really do have that transmogrifying experience. You come out different than when you went in.” — Amber Benson


MovieShark Deplore June 2015


Hard to believe that LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL is entering its third decade as one of the crown jewels of film festivals but, officially running June 10th through 18th after a couple pre-fest sneak peaks at DOPE and Pixar’s upcoming INSIDE OUT, that’s exactly what’s happening.  And right along with LAFF, is my 21st year of bringing you opening day “Must See Festival Films” coverage.


If you get a chance to check out some of the short films this year, two are absolute “Must See.”  The first is SHEVENGE.  Fresh off a sold-out performance at Dances With Films, SHEVENGE is killer!

Drive-By Interview: Amber Benson (And David Greenman) at Etheria Film Night 2015

Isis Nocturne, Whedonopolis June 2015


While at Etheria Film Night, I was lucky enough to garner interviews with some women I highly admire. First of these women was the incredible Amber Benson, whose short film, Shevenge, was screened. 

LA Film Fest 2015: "Shevenge" is "9 to 5" on steroids

Examiner, June 2015


Remember “9 to 5,” the classic 1980 office comedy where beleaguered worker bees fantasize about really taking care of the boss? Think of “Shevenge” as “9 to 5”on steroids. Amber Benson (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) presents an outrageously twisted tale of sweet revenge. Sharing wine and sympathy one evening, Sam (Emme Rylan), Charley (Jessica Sherif) and Taylor (Megan Lee Joy) discuss their not-so-perfect boyfriends and interesting ways to pay them back for their unacceptable behavior.

The Mary Sue Interview: Director Amber Benson Gets Her Shevenge and Talks About Why She's a Feminist

Teresa Jusino, The Mary Sue June 2015


"I'd love to live in a world where we can be Humanists ... But we're not there yet."


One of the other wonderful filmmakers we got to chat with at Etheria Film Night at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles is Amber Benson. You might know her as Tara from Buffy, or as the author of the Calliope Reaper-Jones series of novels, but she is also an accomplished director. Currently, she’s traveling to various film festivals in support of her latest short film, Shevenge, a comedy about three women and their fantasies about taking revenge on the boyfriends that may (or may not) be mistreating them. The film stars Emme Rylan, Jessica Sherif and Megan Lee Joy as the women who discuss their violent and crazy fantasies over snacks at a slumber party. We had the chance to chat with Amber about Shevenge, as well as about how she subverts stereotypes about vengeful women in the film, and why she considers herself a feminist.

Etheria Film Night - "Shevenge" Director Amber Benson Talks Female Horror 

Jason Coleman, StarPulse June 2015


Most know the vivacious Amber Benson from her work as Tara Maclay in the Joss Whedon penned TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (or those in the cinematic know how like me from the 5-star indie "Dust Up!"), but did you know Amber was also a horror movie fan?  That’s right film freaks, not only does Benson appreciate the cool in cinematic carnage, but she’s also trying her hand at helming horror material with her very own new short entitled "Shevenge."  The short is going to be part of the legendary 'Etheria Film Night' (taking place Saturday, June 13, 2015 at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California) which showcases the best new horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, and thriller films all directed by women. (Cause nothing says slice and dice more than a film from a distinctly feminine perspective!).


Leo of Mars, Blog Critics June 2015


I’m making sure the windows are locked tonight. Three consecutive films I viewed at the Los Angeles Film Festival, June 10-18, dealt with tying people up. Not in a nice way, but at least in two cases, a funny way.

Caught tells the tale of a good-hearted teen having an affair with a married man (wait, I’m reconsidering that “good-hearted” observation) who is kidnapped by the man’s wife and, among other things, tied up. In Shevenge, three BFFs fantasize about how to punish men, which involves tying them up. In Old Tricks, a burglar learns that you should never try to steal from a retired magician and escape artist. They’re kind of hard to tie up.


‪SheVenge‬ is Blogcritics' EDITOR'S PICK: FILM for Los Angeles Film Festival!!


Natalie Wilson, Bitch Media June 2015


For every woman working in the film industry, there are five men. Part of the systematic discrimination that women working behind the scenes in Hollywood face is the misguided notion that women are only good at making certain kinds of films, like rom-coms. Though several action, horror, and sci-fi films directed by women have garnered critical attention recently (see the excellent films The Babadook and A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night), over and over, women in Hollywood report that studios and industry higher-ups all-too-often believe that these genre films are better off in the hands of male writers, directors, and producers. The Etheria Film Nightchallenges all that. Etheria is a prestigious annual showcase of horror, science fiction, fantasy, action, and thriller films by women directors, writers, and producers. This year’s Etheria Film Night screened seven films—six short films and feature-length film Inner Demon—at the Egyptian theatre in Hollywood on June 13.

2015 Los Angeles Film Festival - 'Dude Bro Party Massacre III' And 'SheVenge' Screenings

Johnathan Leibson, June 2015


Cast and crew of SheVenge with director Amber Benson and actors David Blue, Megan Lee Joy, Jessica Sherif, Dove Meir, Emme Rylan, Eugene Byrd and Don Money attend the 'Dude Bro Party Massacre III' and 'SheVenge' screenings during the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on June 13, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

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NIGHTMARE ROYALE # 19: Etheria Pushes Toward Critical Mass, and Pins it Down To Earth (On The Women Who Bring The Change, Pt. III)

John Skipp, June 2015


We’re about to hit a breakthrough point in cinema history, where there are a) so many undeniably talented female directors in the field that b) the notion that women can’t be trusted to handle complex and demanding features or series will become entirely laughable; and c) woman directors will start to be actively sought out, not in spite of but because of the fact that they’re kickass women directors. [...] 


Next was SHEVENGE, the raucously awesome girly horror-comedy by the much-beloved Amber Benson. And it’s clear she learned a lot on the set of BUFFY, because she delivers a multi-tiered bundle of fun Joss Whedon couldn’t help but admire. 

2015 Dances with Films 2015: "Shevenge" - Film Review

Steven W. Alloway, Fanboy Comics June 2015


Shevenge, an 11-minute film which screened at the Dances With Films festival on Saturday evening, is the tale of three women and the men who wronged them. Each of them spins an elaborate revenge fantasy, which the three of them proceed to act out in their collective imaginations.


First, Charley (Jessica Sherif) imagines confronting her cheating boyfriend, Jimmy (Dove Meir), in a Kill Bill-style action movie, wherein they fight to the death with hand to hand combat. Complete with clever one-liners and a driving guitar soundtrack, she shows him just what can happen when you’re up against a woman scorned. 


Then, Sam (Emme Rylan) details her revenge fantasy, which takes a very different approach. Taking the role of a wealthy socialite/housewife, with her companions as maids, she won’t kill her neglectful boyfriend, Roger (Eugene Byrd), but merely teach him a lesson. 


Finally, Taylor (Megan Lee Joy) plots her revenge against Brad (David Blue). I won’t ruin the surprise, but, suffice it to say, Taylor’s the crazy one of the group.

Dances With Films 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Megan Lee Joy 

Haren Yong, Gornoblonde May 2015


Kudos to Megan for being part of the creative team that’s dream up “Shevenge” and what could turn out to be a cult hit, especially with the feature making its premiere at numerous festivals. I for one always jump at the chance to show the world exciting female influencers such as Megan who are giving us original, noteworthy content. Whether she’s behind or in front of the camera, Megan has thrills all lined up.

Indiewire: Dances With Films Festival Announces 2015 Competition Lineup

Becca Nadler, May 2015

Los Angeles-based film festival Dances With Films announced their Narrative Features and SHorts Program competition lineup today, as well as an emerging filmmakers showcase of 16 narrative features and 32 short films. The competition films were selected by the DWF community from more than 2,000 blind film submissions.  


The festival, often referred to as a "summer camp" for filmmakers, is known for its friendly atmosphere of discovery. This year marks the 18th season for the DWF Festival, which runs from May 28th to June 7th at the TCL Chinese Theaters in Los Angeles...

Shevenge! Buffy’s Amber Benson and Megan Lee Joy Talk About Their New Film

Jenna Buch, January 2015

When you hear about a crowdfunding campaign for a project by Buffy the Vampire SlayerAmber Benson, you check it out. Especially when it’s about a group of ladies. Benson’s newest project is Shevenge, which you can check out on the Shevenge website. [...]


I talked to Benson and star Megan Lee Joy about the film. Check out what they had to say below.

Benson told us about how a revenge film with all women changes the game....



Out of the Blue: Ep. 51: Amber Benson

David Blue, January 2015

One half of “Buffy’s” power-couple Twillow, Amber Benson has evolved into a multi-skilled multi-hyphenate — novelist – screenwriter – producer – director. And that’s in addition to her long-spanning acting career! Let’s chat with her about being a member of the Whedonverse, what drives her creativity and how the hell she even finds the time. We also dig deep into her most recent project, Shevenge!..

Welcome to SHEVENGE!

Melissa Howland, January 2015

SHEVENGE is a dark comedy that follows 3 best friends as they embark on a journey of revenge… and they need your help! Revenge doesn’t come cheap, so the ladies of SHEVENGE have been running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund their cinematic adventure. With your help Shevenge will be more innovative, more visually stimulating, more laugh-out-loud funny and be able to affect more change!..